Due 1/4/2021 2pm CST
Capstone Project: Assignment #6—Capstone Project Presentation

For this Assignment, you will create a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation based off your Final Literature Review that analyzes a health-related topic or issue. Each slide of your presentation will address one of your Program Learning Outcomes per the outlines below.

To prepare:
Review the requirements in the Capstone Project Guide (this document).
Download the Capstone Presentation Template that aligns to your Program of Study (found in the weekly resource section). ATTACHED as (PP_BSHCM_TemplateCAPSTONEProjectGuide)
Review the Capstone Project Presentation Rubric.
To complete:
For this Project assignment: Create the PowerPoint slides for your Capstone Project Presentation (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease COPD). Follow the guidelines in your Capstone Project Guide and Capstone Project Presentation template for the topics that must be covered in your presentation slides. You will have notes (talking points) for each slide that you create. Your notes should expand on what you have included on the slide that is addressing the Capstone Project Guide.
Create your Capstone Presentation using the Presentation template that applies to your program (B.S. in Healthcare Management). The requirements for each slide are detailed on that document. This Assignment requires two submissions:

Submission 1: PowerPoint Document
Submit the PowerPoint presentation by Day 2 to the Week 6 1/4.

Resource 1: Program Learning Outcomes Below:
B.S. in Healthcare Management (BSHCM)
Program Learning Outcomes
Critically appraise the context and quality of healthcare delivery inside and outside of the United States.
Evaluate health-related research and research methods.
Analyze how population health impacts healthcare (including behavioral, demographic, and cultural factors).
Explain how different factors impact the delivery of healthcare services (including technology, legal, and ethical factors).
Evaluate the inter-professional approach to healthcare delivery.
Articulate critical issues in acute and long-term care from the perspective of patient and practitioner.
Analyze evidence-based factors that impact a health care organization’s performance, quality, and safety.
Apply foundational healthcare economic evaluation and financial management skills.
Apply strategic planning methods to healthcare organizations (including planning, implementing, and marketing).
Evaluate human resource methods of managing healthcare employees.
Demonstrate an understanding of healthcare financial issues (including insurance, reimbursement, and prospective payment).

Resource 2: attached Annotated Bibliography COPD (Wk3ProjClarkJ)
Resource 3: attached Mini Literature Review COPD (Wk4ProjClarkJ)
Resource 4: Attached PowerPoint Template (PP_BSHCM_TemplateCAPSTONEProjectGuide)
Resource 5: Capstone Project guide: Below and WK6 information Above for project…
Capstone Project Overview

The Capstone Project is your opportunity to integrate, synthesize, and apply a health or healthcare topic of choice to your Program Learning Outcomes to demonstrate your mastery of your Program of Study. This Capstone Project will challenge you to integrate ideas presented in all your previous courses. The Capstone Project should also push you beyond the boundaries of your prior work. You will creatively explore and apply the knowledge and experiences gained from your core courses, concentration, and electives, professional organizations, and additional resources and research. Blending these experiences and resources will help you to complete a Bibliography, Mini Literature Review, and a final Capstone Project Presentation.

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