My Movie Log #2: “Genre, Expectations, and Unforgiven”

Preparing for the My Movie Log:  View the “Video Tutorial: Genre The Western” and the Unit 02 Lecture “Introduction to Unforgiven”  After viewing these two sources, what are your expectations when viewing a western genre film?  (What types of stories, characters, imagery, locations, themes…do you expect to experience?)  You don’t need to include this portion in your journal prompt.

The My Movie  Log Prompt:

Having viewed Unforgiven, in what ways did this western meet your expectations for a “western genre movie”?  In what ways did the movie surprise you, and subvert your expectations?  Discuss one element (a moment, character, genre convention, the use of violence, the representation of women, the representation of minorities…) that resonated with you or impacted you on a personal level.  Do you believe this element worked for this film and/or the Western Genre?  Why or why not? (Remember, your analysis/reflection of an element within the feature is informed by your interpretation of the movie’s overall explicit and implicit meanings.)

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