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4:28 9 اله X ESSAY #1: Classic Theories of Sociology: Att… Please name and compare and contrast the three (3) classic (major) theories of Sociology. Be sure to include the main tenets or assumptions of each theory and how each theory attempts to explain social phenomena. Finally, which of the three classic theories do you believe best explains our social reality and why? Additional Content? You can add text and files that support your answers. Add Content Save for Later Submit 4:29 1 X Essay Format Requirements (ALL criteria below MUST be met for the paper to be accepted for grading!) a. Each essay must be typed using double-spaced line and Courier 10 or Times New Roman 12 font (no other font size or style will be accepted) b. Each essay must be a minimum 3 FULL PAGES in length, not to exceed 5 FULL PAGES. (papers that are too short or too long will not be accepted for grading) c. You must use a Title page and a Works Cited page, neither of which counts toward the page requirement. You must also cite your reference within the body of the paper whenever you quote or paraphrase the author(s). d. All papers are due on the specified due date. NOTE: If you use a MAC, please be sure to go well over the minimum page requirement a few lines at least, to avoid spacing problems that occur when uploading to the system. NO LATE PAPERS WILL BE ACCEPTED FOR GRADING.

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