Please follow the discussion guideline [PDF] (Links to an external site.) to post your initial response and participate in the discussion. 

Watch the video, “The Age of Nature (Links to an external site.)” (PBS Broadcasting, 2020) if available. There are three episodes in the Age of nature (each 55mins). You can select one or watch all three. Your instructor will play the video in the Zoom session for this week.

Otherwise, please watch the following video, Ice on Fire [Length 01:37:44]Links to an external site.. If you are prompted for login credentials, please use your student email username and password. 

Discuss the video you watched and discuss things learned from the presentation. Write a brief review of the video which includes at least the following information:

  • Brief summary of the video, including 2 -3 main points
  • How it relates to topic(s) discussed in class
  • What new information you learned
  • What you found the most interesting
  • Whether or not you would recommend the video to others

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