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ECON-110: The Global Majority Guidance Note for Research Paper A. What You Already Know from the Syllabus You will need to write a Research Paper (RP), in which you apply ethical concepts and frameworks of one development issue covered in Part II of this course by comparing and contrasting the facts and ethical approaches of your chosen development issue in two developing countries. The RP will be based on the following five Research Projects (which constitute parts/drafts of the RP): 1. Cover Page with Preliminary Title and Draft Abstract of the RP [initially not graded] New information (not in Syllabus): Please use the Sample Cover Page provided on page 9 of this Guidance Note. Simply cut and paste that material and revise/update it as it applies to your RP. 2. 3. 4. 5. Literature Review (Section II of the RP) [12 percent of RP

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