Closed-Ended Survey Questionnaire on Homelessness in Hampton Roads                                            


Homelessness has been part of American problems for a long period now. Since the start of the 19th Century, the state of homelessness has remained somehow constant despite efforts by the government and humanitarian agencies to phase it out. Every year, the streets of major cities and towns in the United States receive people who are prepared to put up there until they find good Samaritans to help them. The grassy fields in the outskirts of cities and towns are also littered with makeshift homes put up by people who cannot find elsewhere to go. The most striking thing is that traditional causal factors of homelessness, including unemployment, substance abuse, and the high cost of housing are still in effect today; the constancy of the causes of poverty is alarming. It is prudent, therefore, to research on the causes of homelessness by administering questionnaires to homeless people and analyzing their responses. As such, the questionnaire hereby highlighted will focus on the modern causes of homelessness in Hampton Roads.

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