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For your Portfolio Project, you will be researching a Cloud breach experienced by a U.S.-based company. In addition, you will be completing an Exercise, Quiz and Practice Exam in Linux Academy based on the platform that you select in this module. Select one of the following platforms:

  • Option #1: Google Cloud
  • Option #2: AWS

The platform that you select will determine the Critical Thinking Assignment options (for most modules) and Portfolio Project option that you will complete for this course. If you select Google Cloud, you must complete all options that associate with this platform. Likewise, if you select AWS, you must complete all options that associate with this platform.

For this Portfolio Project Milestone, submit a confirmation of the platform that you will be using throughout the course and a two-paragraph summary of the company/Cloud breach that you will be investigating. Review the Portfolio Project prompt in Module 8 to gain perspective on the scope of research that will be required. The summary should only be a bit longer than a standard abstract. No more than two paragraphs. Your company/breach must have ample information available in order to fully meet the project requirements. If you have questions, consult with your instructor.

Submit your Portfolio Project Milestone by the due date posted. Review the rubric below for specific grading criteria.

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