Write a  research plan that should be about 1-2 pages in length on the following topic and hypothesis.

Statement of the Topic:  Cloud coverage affects climate change.
Hypothesis: Cloud coverage accelerates the warming of the area they are over.

Answer the following questions as part of the research plan:
Suggest a plan to test your hypothesis (initial or revised). 
What data will you study? 
How and where will you gather it? 
What equipment or resources will be needed? 
How much time will be needed to gather the data? 
Are there any confounding issues that might affect/influence the quality of your data? If so, discuss how might you mitigate these unwanted effects/influences? Justify all of your statements.

Provide a list of sources that could be used to review this issue. Include a citation of one article you read.
Provide a list of UMUC sources that could be used to review this issue. Discuss why these web sources would be trusted sources of information on the issue. Include a citation of one site you reviewed.
Suggest how your data would be presented (chart, graph, or table).

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