1-Distribution of a Solute between two Immiscible Solvents

2-Use of Extraction to Isolate a Neutral Compound from a Mixture Containing an Acid or Base Impurit2 attachmentsSlide 1 of 2

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EXPERIMENT 4B ■ Distribution of a Solute between Two Immiscible Solvents 35 sulfate, rinse the sodium sulfate with about 0.5 mL of fresh methylene chloride. Stir this with a dry spatula and then transfer this solution to the same preweighed flask.) Evaporate the methylene chloride by heating the flask in a hot water bath at about 45°C. This should be done in a hood and can be accomplished more rapidly if a stream of dry air or nitrogen gas is directed at the surface of the liquid (see Technique 7, Section 7.10). When the solvent is evaporated, remove the flask from the bath and dry the outside of the flask. When the flask has cooled to room temperature, weigh it to determine the amount of caffeine that was in the methylene chloride solution. Compare this weight with the amount of caffeine calculated in the Pre-Lab Calculation. 4B E X

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