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For this homework, you will look up the California volcano you are assigned (see the list below). For your volcano, you should list:

  • The primary type (or types) of volcano. List the main one first (“volcanic field” just means several volcanoes close together — so read the details to find the types of volcano present in that field).
    • For types of volcanoes not listed in our book, include a definition. You can use Wikipedia to help.
  • Where it is in California. Be as exact as possible. So “Northern California” isn’t exact enough.
  • The type of volcanic rocks found at your volcano. List the main type (or types) first.
    • If the type of volcanic rock isn’t listed in the book, include a definition. You can use Wikipedia to help.
  • The plate tectonic setting.
  • The date (or estimated date) of the last known eruption.
  • The number of people living within 30 km of the volcano.
  • Any interesting fact (or facts) about your volcano.

To find out about your volcano, Visit the Smithsonian Volcanism Program, a wonderful site, that puts over 10,000 years of volcanic eruptions at your fingertips. Search for volcanoes in the US from their database. Type in your volcano name, and then click “Search Volcanoes”. When your volcano pops up, make sure you click on “General Information” to get the facts you’re looking for.

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