Q1: Choose a hotel or cruise company.  Explain what they are doing for sustainability.  Is it sufficient?  As a potential customer would this encourage you to stay?                                                                                                                                                    

Q2:Using the 17 Sustainable Development Goals(I upload files below) . In your opinion, identify which of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals are/is the most important?

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Reduce inequality within and among countries Tourism can be a powerful tool for community development and reducing inequalities if it engages local populations and all key stakeholders in its development. Tourism can contribute to urban renewal and rural development and reduce regional imbalances by giving communities the opportunity to prosper in their place of origin. Tourism is also an effective means for developing countries to take part in the global economy. In 2014, Least Developed Countries (LDCs) received US$ 16.4 billion in exports from international tourism, up from US$ 2.6 billion in 2000, making the sector an important pillar of their economies (7% of total exports) and helping some to graduate from

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