Question:1. On the class server, enter vi with the following command:vi periwinkleEnter some text, then save and quit with this command::wq! jonquilList the files in your directory. Which file is created, periwinkle or jonquil? Explain why. (This question assumes you do not already have files named periwinkle and/or jonquil in your directory.)2. On the class server, create and save a file called permtest.Change the permissions:chmod 444 permtestNow open permtest in vi. Make a change to it, then try to save and quit with::wqYou will be offered a choice. Follow the instructions on the screen to save your file.What choice is offered to you? Why are you allowed to act on that choice in spite of having read-only access?3. This question uses the two files from this week’s DQs, pwfile1 and pwfile2.Open pwfile1 in vi:vi pwfile1From inside vi, figure out a way to insert the first 5 lines of the pwfile2 file. To clarify: the only file you should have open in vi is pwfile1, and you should be able to perform the operation without exiting pwfile1. With pwfile1 open in vi, you should do this using only one command.4. Research how to set an abbreviation in the vi editor. Show the command you would use in vi to create an abbreviation called th that is short for Tranquil Hyenas. (Try it out – it’s cool!)

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