I have attached the report that I want to write a commentary on.
These are the aspects that will be considered as mark the paper:

Have you expressed your main point immediately?
Have you developed your supports for that point?
Have you considered readers’ expectations?
Is the paper well organized with a strong conclusion?
Are the mechanics in order? (This includes sourcing.)
The format for both the ireport (or informative paper) is the format that will be used for all papers in College Composition: Word count: for each, minimum 600 words. Font and font size: your choice (exceptions: no Broadway, Calligraphy, Gothic). Your name at top left; next line, class; next line, date. All single spaced. Then double space: Centered, title. Skip space. Begin body of paper. Margins 1″ top, bottom, left, right. Indents: 5 spaces. Do not number page one, but on page 2 and page 3, write your last name — dash — 2; your name — dash — 3, and so forth.

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