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CSCI351 Assignment 2 Due by: 11:59PM on February 19, 2021 (Friday) Instruction: • Submit (1) a source program file (e.g., password.py) and (2) a PDF document containing the plaintext password found, the number of words tested, and the screenshot capturing the program run and the password found, and the source code (copied from the source program file) • Make sure you submitted the intended one. It is recommended that you download what has been uploaded and double-check if the correct document has been submitted. • You can submit as many times as you want, but the last submission will only be graded. If the last submission is made after the deadline, there will be a late submission penalty. • No plagiarism: Do not copy and paste any from textbooks and other resources to answer questions (Zero points will be given otherwise). • No resubmission/extension request will be accepted. Programming: Password Brute-force Attack (50 pt.) Write a program that performs the brute-force attack to break the password. The following table shows encrypted passwords using the crypt() function. Your mission is to break the password corresponding your CWID in the table. For example, the last digit of your CWID is 1, then you should identify the password for indBOW06MoVz6. Last digit of CWID 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 Encrypted password indBOW06MoVz6 in79RsnfG/VWo inbqJM0dLgWvo incT1ji3YqQ/Y in7haMV00ylgk in1U0tb9WpIcI inPlXS.yNKivQ inqidvfWapJp2 injY7hdQJTeu2 inQW.HgtuEe.M Crypt() is a function to check UNIX/LINUX passwords, and the encrypted passwords above are encoded by the standard crypt() function. Hence, you should use the crypt() function to break the password. The crypt() function takes two input parameters and returns the encrypted password, as follows: Input parameters: • Password (plaintext): string • Salt: string Output: • Encrypted password: string 1 The password length is six and the salt is set to ‘infosec’ (without using the quotation mark). For the brute-force attack, you should try 6-character lower case letters of alphabet from ‘aaaaaa’, ‘aaaaab’, ‘aaaaac’, …, to ‘zzzzzz’, with the salt. Report the original plaintext password by breaking the encrypted password (one based on your CWID). Also report how many words you tested to find the original password. It is recommended to write a program using either Python or C/C++. While there are numerous resources for referencing crypt(), the following shows just two of them (but you can refer to any other helpful resources). • • Python: https://docs.python.org/3/library/crypt.html C: https://man7.org/linux/man-pages/man3/crypt.3.html Finally, submit the following: • • • Screenshot showing the program running, the key found, and the number of words tested: 30 pt. Source code in the document: 10 pt. Source programming file (must be compilable and executable): 10 pt. 2

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