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A search warrant must include all of the following EXCEPT which of the following:

A.A supporting oath or affirmation
B.A description of the place to be searched and the things to be seized.
C.Probable Cause
D.The signature of a officer    

A/An    of things is defined as the exploration or examination of an individual’s house, premises, or person to discover things that may be used by the government for evidence in a criminal prosecution.

D.4th amendment violation

Airport searches require which of the following?

A.mere suspicion
B.reasonable suspicion
C.probable cause
D.none of these

Officers execute a search warrant on a house for a stolen car. The officers find a stolen pistol in the dresser draw. The pistol is

A.excluded from evidence
B.admissible as evidence
C.a fruit of the poisonous tree
D.a good faith exception

Officers go to a house to speak with a resident after a neighbor complains about their electricity being stolen by the resident with whom the officers want to speak. A strong smell of marijuana is coming from the garage where there are numerous electrical cords coming from the garage door to the neighbors house. The officers knock and hear people running towards the back of the house and toilets flushing. Officers should:

A.Knock and announce
B.Immediately enter under exigent circumstances
C.Wait for a search warrant
D.Wait for an arrest warrant

The Fourth Amendment protection against unreasonable searches and seizures does not apply: public homes immigration and border searches vehicles

Which of the following is not one of the three requirements of the plain view doctrine?

A.officers must become aware of the items by seeing them
B.officers must be in that specific location legally
C.officers must have reasonable suspicion an illegal activity has occurred must be immediately apparent that the item is subject to seizure

Which of the following may be searched after a valid arrest?

A.the body of the arrested person
B.the area of the arrested person’s immediate control
C.both a and b
D.none of the above

If an officer encourages a private citizen to search his neighbors house for a stolen television, the Fourth Amendment:

A.does not apply
B.applies only if evidence of crime is found
D.does not apply if there was probable cause

In general, before serving or executing an arrest or search warrant at a residence, the officers must:

A.verify that someone is home
B.obtain a photograph of the suspect
C.obtain a capias
D.knock and announce their identity and purpose

The term contraband generally means:

A.items which are illegal for anyone to possess
B.fruits of crime
C.instruments of crime

What are the two types of seizure?

A.actual and practical
B.actual and destructive
C.actual and constructive
D.factual and constructive

What is defined as the taking of a person into custody against his or her will for the purpose of criminal prosecution or interrogation?

D.stationhouse detention

Which has/have an expiration date?

A.Search warrant
B.Arrest warrant

Which of the following is not a constitutionally valid type of roadblock?

A.general law enforcement
B.drunk driving
C.illegal aliens
D.driver’s license check

The standard of force used in an arrest must be force.

An arrest warrant that contains a description of the suspect but not the suspect’s name is called a/an warrant.

The Fourth Amendment requires that a magistrate evaluating an officer’s request for a warrant be and detached.

The phrase “reasonable expectation of privacy” requires that the person must have exhibited an actual expectation of privacy and the expectation must be one that is prepared to recognize as reasonable.

There are four basic requirements for the valid issuance of a search warrant: (1) a statement of probable cause, (2) a supporting oath or affirmation, (3) a of the place to be searched and the things to be seized, and (4) the signature of a magistrate.

Both a search and a seizure require .

Detention must not be longer than that required by the circumstances, and it must take place by the “least intrusive means,” meaning that it must not be more than that needed to verify or dispel the officer’s suspicions.


A search by an off-duty peace officer is still considered to be a search by a government official.


Whose perception determines whether a person has been arrested?

A.the police officer
B.the person being detained
C.the judge
D.a reasonable person

Which of the following acts by a law enforcement officer would not be a seizure of a person?

C.asking questions

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