Shopify, the Ottawa-based ecommerce company, prides itself on its commitment to employees whoreceive generous benefits and enjoy a supportive corporate culture. This core value may have contributedto the company’s ranking as the top place to work in Canada.6 The software giant is also known for itscommunity involvement and corporate social responsibility efforts. This is why, like most large companies,Shopify receives many requests for sponsorships of charity events and community projects. True to itsinnovative spirit, the software company has streamlined the application process by providing an onlinesponsorship request form at its website.

You work in Corporate Affairs/Community Relations at Shopify and periodically help decide which nonprofits will obtain support. Just yesterday you received an email from the Pink Dragons of Ottawa-Hull, a dragon boat racing team of breast cancer survivors. The ancient Chinese sport has spread around the globe with competitions held not only in Asia but also in many Western countries. Dragon boat racing has gained popularity in North America among breast cancer patients who bond with fellow survivors, engage in healthy competition, and exercise regularly on the water. Synchronicity and technique are more important than brute strength, which is the main reason even recreational paddlers enjoy this fast-growing water sport.

The newly formed survivor team would like Shopify to sponsor a dragon boat festival in Toronto in less than a month, an event potentially drawing at least 20 survivor teams that would compete against one another. Your company is already funding several cancer charities and has a policy of sponsoring many causes. Naturally, no corporate giving program has infinite funds, nor can it say yes to every request. Shopify steers clear of religious, political, and sexually explicit events. The team judging the sponsorship entries wants to ensure that each proposal reaches audiences affiliated with Shopify. Most important, applicants must submit their requests at least six weeks before the event.

Your Task.As a junior staff member in Corporate Affairs/Community Relations, write an email to PinkDragon captain Josephine Rosa ( refusing her initial request and explaining theShopify sponsorship philosophy and submission rules.Times New Roman font with 12 point characters or Arial font with 11 point characters with single line spacing. Remember to check your document before you hand in; marks will be deducted for poor spelling and grammar. All material (academic and other) that you cite should be properly referenced in the text and in the reference list (in Harvard style) at the end of your report. Please ensure you back up your assignment and any other important documents. Information for students on data storage can be found here: Coursework Marking Rubric 2 Please see the rubric at the end of this coursework brief for further details of the criteria against which you will be assessed, and descriptors of performance on the coursework for each assessment criterion. Coursework Submission The deadline date is provided above. One electronic copy must be uploaded to the submission point for the module on LEARN by the submission deadline. You must use the following file naming convention for your work. You should not include your name anywhere on your assignment. You should also include the filename in the header of your assignment. StudentNumber – Module code – Coursework component (e.g. B123456-20BSP123-CW1) Your submission should be one document only (i.e. no loose appendices etc), preferably in Word or as a pdf (not scanned copy). If your assignment consists of different documents in varying formats you will need to embed them in a Word document or convert them to pdf and upload one document. The file size limit for your submission is 20MB. IMPORTANT NOTE: You need to ensure you back up your coursework and any other important documents. Information on data storage can be found here: Losing your work through technical failure is not a valid reason for a Mitigating Circumstances claim or a coursework extension request. Extensions and Mitigating Circumstances If you have any other problems with meeting the deadline for this coursework you may wish to request a 48-hour extension and/or submit a Mitigating Circumstances claim. This must be requested in advance via: Coursework Extension Link: Mitigating Circumstances Link: Consultation and Feedback The lecturer will be available of course for consultation and queries between class sessions and the assignment deadline. Questions regarding the modules content and the assessments can be asked via the Personal Development Forum or during the lecturers Feedback and Consultation Hours (details can be found on the modules Learn topic). Feedback could be particularly useful for clarifying the brief or marking criteria. Please note, lecturers will not comment on a full draft version of the assignment but will comment on a summary/plan (of up to 400 words) if you want some reassurance that your approach is viable. Provisional marks and feedback should be available by 14th April 2022. All marks are provisional until ratified by the formal examination boards. 3 School of Business and Economics

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