Are you more inclined to relish a passionate argument or avoid one? Why? Describe the cultural values identified in the textbook to support your response.

Please create your own thread and write one to two complete sentences per question and provide an explanation for your answers. Your response must be written at the college level and in standard American English. After you complete your response, read two responses from your classmates and post a comment to their responses to the prompt.

for increased data generation and collection  in the health care field.

Reflect upon the data you generate in a week using the Internet,  accessing health care, making purchases, attending events, completing  surveys, communicating on social media, etc., and then address the  following points in your initial post:

Compare and contrast the information you generate today compared to  someone 25 years ago. Discuss the differences and, beyond saying the  Internet precipitated the changes, describe three key reasons for the  disparity.

Data collection in the health care field has significantly increased  over the past 25 years. Discuss why this has happened and provide two  reasons for the promulgation of the collection of health care data at  the current levels.

In 2004, President George W. Bush mandated the implementation of the  electronic health record. Analyze the original intent of Bush’s mandate  versus the use of the data today. Compare and contrast specialized  applications like the electronic health record with the ways in which  previous record keeping was maintained.

Analyze the role technologies such as the electronic health record  have had on health care, and identify at least two changes that have  resulted from them.

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