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Assignment #1 – Use the eight phases of the communication process to analyze a miscommunication you’ve recently had with a co-worker, supervisor, classmate, teacher, friend, or family member. What idea were you trying to share? How did you encode and transmit it? Did the receiver get the message? Did the receiver correctly decode the message? How do you know? Based on your analysis, identify and explain the barriers that prevented your successful communication in this instance. You should be able to complete this assignment in approximately two-three pages.Online presence created through acts of disclosure that are continuous and ongoing and expected • Consider distinctions between sharing and disclosure – the former does not always indicate the latter • We seek interpersonal connections and to explain ourselves and to understand others • This need to interactivity is the internal logic of social media communication • How does it meet/exploit our desire for connection? Interactivity Community/ Community construction • Unprecedented potential for community construction and engagement • Potential for opportunities for new stories, new acts of cultural production and change • Need to better understand role of platforms, but also the relationships between online community engagement and material change • How communities self-identify through group building, through cultural production, inclusion/exclusion, etc. • Potter world having a tough time with this right now as an example). • Social interaction theory looks at links between popular or positive traits and judgements of sincerity (trust) – links to influence/leadership online • Blurred boundaries of cultural consumption and cultural production as forms of communication. Reshapes how we understand roles of identity construction and representation. Behavior and social settings • Examine relationships in and between social networks for culture-level examinations of behaviours, trends, attitudes • IE – do members of political network suggest relational connection to other social issues? Relational Patterns Influence and Leadership • What is needed to secure and amplify influence within networked environment? • Examine relationship between need to ground influence or momentum within virtual communities to live material events • Performative vs. substantial activism using social media communication? Memes are thought to compete for attention through imitation and iteration: Memes (more next week!) • Memes are “understood as cultural information that passes along from person to person, yet gradually scales into a shared social phenomenon.” • They “reproduce by various means of imitation.” • They are interesting because of “their diffusion through competition and selection.” POWER AND SOCIAL CHANGE Social media and Action Collective Action • Communication technologies historically connected to sites of revolution • They change the game of who, how and when people can communicate • Think of mobility (radio, phones) and potential for collective action Census flash mob dance on Times Square COURTNEY GUARINO • SEPTEMBER 24, 2020 “ These networks suggest that digital activism has entered a second act, in which the tools of the Internet have been increasingly integrated into the hard-won structure of older movements. Though, as Jane Hu, Aug 2020 networked protest grows in scale and popularity, it still risks being hijacked by the mainstream . Any urgent circulation of information —the same memes filtering through your Instagram stories, the same looping images retweeted into your timeline —can be numbing , … You know something has gone wrong when the San Francisco 49ers post a #BlackoutTuesday box. … the discourse of Black struggle remains open to aggressive co-optation. “The Second Act of Social-Media Activism Has the Internet become better at mediating change?” “SOCIAL MEDIA IS THE CONNECTIVE TISSUE OF THE NEW BODY POLITIC” Hashtags as “connective structure” • Sites of identification and connection • But also sites of contest and negotiation • Have to be managed and controlled Cdn Left Media: “movement demanding greater economic equality” Alternate Narratives Occupy Cdn Right Media: Social media: “rag-tag ne’er do Citizen stories of wells with vague concerns about invalid goals” wealth gap Shared Awareness = Shared Power “ There is power in the knowledge that there are others who are willing to take a stand. It is a common thread in movements such as Occupy ” … (190) “social media does not replace taking to the streets” “Click to Like:” Slacktivism or Empowering Signal to Support Action Of ten energy and volume of voice and attention on social media does not Voice without action? translate into action or change • Potential gap or slippage in the interests driving the resonance online (Iran example) • Lack of back door organization and infrastructure to translate to active change (Occupy) • Social Media Communication allows for velocity of protest – from local issue to international attention very quickly Limits of a Shared Story • Gives huge momentum but limited resilience as social media conversations move on fast • How to tap i

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