4/11/22, 1:23 PM Executive Summary Assignment Executive Summary Assignment Due Monday by 11:59pm Points 25 Submitting an external tool Available until Apr 11 at 11:59pm Every formal report, proposal, or business plan includes an Executive Summary. In almost every case, readers will review the Executive Summary and decide whether to read the report or not based on the strength of this short document. It is the most important component of your report. It is also the last thing that should be written. Writing Task: Select a business article (peer-reviewed) of your choice from the Library database and prepare a one-page Executive Summary, Due April 11, 2022 before 11:59 pm (No Extensions) Guidelines: I recommend referring to pages 182-183 in your Business Writer’s Handbook for more information. In addition, see the list of items below: Your Executive Summary may not exceed one page. Executive Summaries are standalone reports. They should make complete sense without reference to any outside source. Executive Summaries do not contain quotations, references, or examples. They merely present the key concepts of the argument made in the original source. Your paper plagiarism percentage should not exceed 4% plagiarism. Executive Summaries must be flawless. They impress the reader by presenting no visual or conceptual barriers in the document. Format: Use your words; do not copy text from the article. Make sure to describe the article at the beginning of the Executive Summary. Do not write a memo or a letter. Center a heading at the top: Executive Summary: . Use one-inch margins and size-12, serif-type fonts (Times New Roman, Arial, etc.) Do not left indent; do not right justify your margin; leave 1 blank line between paragraphs. Spell check and proofread your work carefully. An Executive Summary never includes a References page. Write in the 3rd person (“He/she/it does xyz; they should do xyz…”). Avoid references to yourself or the article. https://csufullerton.instructure.com/courses/3283798/assignments/33730195 1/2 4/11/22, 1:23 PM Executive Summary Assignment Evaluation: Your summary will be evaluated using the CLASS rubric. Executive Summary Assignment Upload Submission You have no active papers in this assignment https://csufullerton.instructure.com/courses/3283798/assignments/33730195 2/

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