You will conduct a community needs assessment by choosing a specified population or community. Grades will be based on the guidelines listed. Papers submitted must be typed using APA format. A PowerPoint presentation of community needs assessment needs to be submitted through the drop box. Community_____________________ Date______________ I) Overview A) Description of the Community i) History ii) Type of community: urban, suburban, rural II) Physical Environmental Considerations: The Community As a Place A) Description: general identifying data i) Location ii) Topographical features iii) Climate B) Boundaries, area in square miles C) Environment i) Sanitation: water supply, sewage, garbage, trash ii) Pollutants, toxic substances, animal reservoirs or vectors, flora and fauna iii) Air quality: color, odor, particulates iv) Food supply: sources, preparation v) Potential disaster in the population vi) Extent of disaster preparation in the population D) Housing i) Types of housing (public and private) ii) Condition of housing iii) Percent owned, rented iv) Housing for special populations (a) Near homeless (b) Homeless (c) Frail elders E) Leading industries and occupations III) The People of the Community A) Population profile i) Total population for _________(year of last census) ii) Population density iii) Population changes in past 10 years iv) Population per square miles v) Mobility vi) Types of Families B) Biological Considerations/Vital and demographic population characteristics i) Age composition ii) Sex distribution iii) Race distribution iv) Ethnic group composition and distribution v) Mortality Characteristics (a) Annual Birth and crude death rates (b) Age-specific death rate (c) Infant mortality rate (d) Maternal mortality rate vi) Cause-specific death rate (specific health area) vii) Leading causes of morbidity (a) Incidence rates (specific diseases) (b) Prevalence rates (specific diseases)

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