2-3 pages APA format 3 references

Your final assignment for this course will be to create a Community Policing Proposal to a fictional community.
Your instructor will be assigning you a fictional community profile this week. You will use this profile to inform the design of your Community Policing Proposal. The final proposal will include the following elements:

A description of the community and its needs 
A step-by-step implementation plan designed with the specific needs of your community in mind 
A practical strategy that can be used to communicate your community policing model to the community and the law enforcement organization 

Part 1
Your instructor will send you a brief description of a community. Upon receiving the community profile, create a name for your community. Provide a written description of the community and a description of the crime issue at hand. You may add unique details to the description of the community or the issue if you think it will benefit your assignment. Submit a written description of the community for which you will be creating a Community Policing Proposal.
Part 2
Describe how federal, state, and local law enforcement work together in criminal investigations. Answer the following questions:

What is the scanning, analyze, response, and assessment (SARA) model? 
How does this model apply to community policing? Give 2 examples. 
Can the same models for partnerships be used in every jurisdiction? Why or why not? 

Create a name for this community with the following characteristics:
  Of the people living in this area, 82% are African American; 0.12% are Hispanic; 4% are Caucasian; 1% are Asian; and 0.1% are either Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, American Indian or Alaskan Native, of some other race, or of two or more races.
  41% of the population is over the age of 65. 30% are of working age (18–64). 29% are under 18, and 5% of that population are under 5 years old.
  The median household income for the study area was $23,000, compared to a state median of $50,000, as estimated in the most recent Census American Community Survey.
  This community has experienced a dramatic spike in gang activity.
You may provide additional details about the community if you feel they will benefit your Community Policing Proposal.

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