The Emirates investment bank has its headquarters in Dubai. With its operations set at festival tower across the Dubai Festival City, the organization has been successful through provision of various services. As such, the top management entails Khaled Sifri as the CEO and Imad Bou Khouzam as the CFO. The organization has an over 40 years of history since it was founded in 1976. Accordingly, the organization’s stocks are traded in the Dubai Financial Market (DFM) with a ticker symbol of ADX (Ulrichsen, 2018). As such, the organization provides comprehensive private and essential investment banking services. The organizational segments are inclusive of the investment portfolio and emphasizes on treasury and banking services. Throughout the organization’s performance, the main competitor is the Al Fujairah investment company that provides similar investment services. As at 2017, the organization has been improving in its performance with a net profit of 56.52 million dirham. As well, the 66.7% improvement in profits was in comparison to the previous year’s profit of 33.98 million (Ulrichsen, 2018). Further, the organization has been reporting an increase in the reporting income of over 172.17 million which is a significant improvement from the previous year. Therefore, a comparative analysis of the Emirates Investment Bank to other organizations entails the evaluation of the following aspects.