At the end of the Eighteenth Century, the American Revolution was predicated on the belief that “taxation without representation” was wrong and that the thirteen colonies wanted political independence from Britain. A hundred years later in Japan, the Meiji Restoration transformed the political and economic landscape of the island nation, but maintained the emperor as head of state. After studying the formation of the United States and Japan, compare and contrast the American Revolution with the Meiji Restoration in the following categories:
1) Political system and representative government
2) Economic change and growth
3) Social change, especially class mobility and education.
 Use at least 5 reputable sources.
 APA formatting (see the Student Success Resources link in Blackboard for information on
this format)
 Provide at least 2-3 written pages (not including title page or reference page).
 Essay organization includes:
o An introduction with thesis statement o Multiple body paragraphs
o A conclusion

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