This essay
should be 500-600 words. It
should NOT include outside sources–only the play Streetcar
Named Desire and the novel The Great Gatsby. The
texts of the literary work should be your only sources. Due to these being the
only sources, you do not need a works cited page although you do need
citations for page numbers. You do not have permission to consult the
Internet, databases, books, etc. for your paper.

The essay
should be your personal understanding of the works. Please remember that this essay will be run in for plagiarism detection. If a paper (a major assignment)
is plagiarized, etc., the consequence is generally an F in the course.


Williams’s play A Streetcar Named Desire and F. Scott
Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby are both works of
modernism. In an essay, compare these two works by discussing how both the play
and the novel demonstrate the following theme: dangers of living in
fantasy/illusion. Include 2-3
of the following Modernist traits in your essay :

a focus on the city and/or
urbanization/industrialization and its impacts

social change (changes in
economics, social classes, etc.)

a decline of civilization

disorder of life

increased freedoms (especially
sexual) for women

no such thing as absolute truth.

Your essay
should be 500-600 words with 4-5 paragraphs total (that is, an intro with a
clear thesis, 2-3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion). Your intro should include
both authors’ full names and the titles of their works (italicized). The thesis
should include both works, plus the assigned theme and a connection to
Modernism (see bullet points above).

suggestion is that you discuss one modernist trait (from the above list)
connected to the theme in each body paragraph and provide full support of your
ideas by using details from the play. Be sure to provide equal time to the play
and to the novel. Do not present an imbalanced essay.

When using the literary works, DO include attributive
tags or lead-ins for quotations (According to…, Blanche states, Williams
writes, etc.) AND parenthetical citations for your quotations (parenthesis at
the end of quoted or summarized material with pg number).

USE quotations or summaries in your paper to support
your ideas. Use only what is needed to make your point and please avoid quoting
large chunks at a time.

DO include typical
MLA header information, pagination, a title, etc.

Do you need
help with MLA? See here if so: Purdue’s OWL site (Links to an
external site.).

thesis statement: Both Tennessee Williams’s play A Streetcar Named
Desire and F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby are
Modernist works that demonstrate the dangers of living in fantasy instead of
accepting reality. (There are many ways you can set up your thesis. This is
only an example.)

REFER to the
author by whole name for first time use and then only by last name after that
(no first name only).

DO check
spelling as well! Often, students lose points for misspelling author’s and
characters’ names.

WRITE using present verb tense when writing about
literature: Blanche lies, Stanley torments, etc.


I will be
providing the stories for you. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate
to contact me, this is an important grade to me. The essay doesn’t have to be
the best, but it does need to get good enough to make a “B”. I appreciate everything
you are doing for me so thank you very much.

P.S. please DO NOT PLAGIARIZE, You can ONLY use the 2 stories as your resources.

** These are the links to the stories*

A Car Named Desire-

The Great Gastby-

The Great Gastby novel will be in the files as well.

I have links of videos about the play and novel if you would like them just let me know and I will send them to you. This can help you understand the play and novel.

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