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Simple Pendulum Presentation The presentation should last 5-7 minutes. However, it may take your more or less time depending on how well you can convey the information. You may use as many slides as you feel are necessary, but you must cover the topics in the outline listed below. Outline: 1. Introduce system 2. Define variables 3. Summarize theory 4. Experimental method 5. Analysis 6. Conclusion & error analysis What must be included: 1. Short video showing and describing your experimental setup 2. Data & analysis 3. Error analysis (differentiate random and systematic sources) 4. Voiceover for each slide 5. All topics included in the above outline Experiment and calculations: 1. Measure the period of one oscillation. Do this 20 times, always starting at the same angle. 2. Calculate your average value for T 3. Calculate the standard deviation for your data set 4. Calculate the standard error 5. Report your final measurement: average T +/- uncertainty 6. Compare your average T with theoretical using the equation T = 277 where Lis the length of your string and g = 9.81m/s^2

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