As previously noted, scholarly research and writing are key components of the DBA program of study, but this aspect of doctoral research may seem daunting, even to those with years of experience in business. Specifically, for some independent scholars, completing their literature review can be overwhelming, and writing more than 25 pages while ensuring critical analysis and synthesis of the literature is not easy. You can help ensure your success, however, by thinking of doctoral research and writing as an orderly process designed to facilitate quality. 
Completing an annotated bibliography is one of the foundational steps in the doctoral process, and it will help you organize and evaluate resources for later use. You will be able to reflect critically on the merits and relevance of each resource to your topic of doctoral research study. By collecting peer-reviewed articles from peer-reviewed journals that are within 5 years of your anticipated graduation date and by collecting seminal literature where applicable, you will lay the foundation for successful completion of your Doctoral Study. You will begin this important process now.
To prepare for this Assignment, do the following:
Read this weeks Learning Resources focused on the  annotated bibliography to understand the rationale for its use and the format and content required. 
Find five peer-reviewed articles on innovation related to your specialization. 
Use the resource Reference List: Common Reference List   
Examples as a quick guide for formulating your bibliographies to maintain alignment with APA formatting. 
Use the APA Course Paper Template, linked in this  weeks Learning Resources, to complete this Assignment. 
Submit a 3- to 5-page annotated bibliography, in which you do the following:
Write a reference citation for each of your five sources, ensuring adherence to proper APA formatting.
Provide a summary for each article, followed by a critique and analysis, including the following:                  
 Appropriateness for the intended audience
Authority or background of the author
Limitations, depending on the scope, reliability, age of the document, and bias
Research findings
Usefulness of the source for your purposes
Note: Each annotation does not have to be long (2-3 paragraphs), but you need to take into consideration the points listed. Model your document after the sample provided in this weeks Learning Resources and use the resources in the Walden Writing Center for additional help.

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