Unit 2: Assignment – Composing a Positive Message

Due Sunday by 11:59pm
Points 100
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Composing a Positive Message
Unit Learning Outcome(s) Reflects in assignment:

Use you-attitude and positive emphasis to maintain good will with audiences (CLO 2)
Use effective organizational strategies for positive messages  (CLO 2)
Develop intrinsic reader benefits for readers of positive and neutral messages (CLO 2)
Analyze audience, context, and purpose to decide on an effective approach to a positive or neutral message (CLO 1 and 2)

This unit’s assignment gives you the opportunity to practice using goodwill and techniques for conveying positive or neutral information by writing an email announcing a new benefit to your fellow employees.
Read the scenario in problem 9.19 on pg. 283, which describes a new tuition benefits program that you will be announcing to the employees of an organization you are familiar with.  You will write an email in which you announce the new program to all employees, correctly explain the details of the program, and show how the program benefits your readers. 
As you design your email, think carefully about how your readers will navigate and use your document.
Also, when creating benefits, you are not authorized to create add-on benefits that are not already part of the program details, meaning you should think carefully about developing the intrinsic benefits of the program. 
Use the checklist for informative and positive messages on pg. 273 of your textbook to help you compose and revise your message.

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