The COVID-19 Pandemic has altered our world in many ways. As we confront the “new normal” imposed by the ongoing pandemic, we have also had to confront the ongoing fight for racial equity and the effects of the climate crisis. For this final project, I would like you to explore the intersection of these compounding crises and reflect on the central conflicts posed by the themes outlined below:

I. Role of Individual versus Collective Action to Mitigate the Effects of the Climate Crisis

a. Mary Annaise Heglar’s Article in Vox –

b. Justin Rowlatt for BBC News –…

II. Essential Workers and the COVID- 19 pandemic

a. Science News article –…

b. Race and Gender and COVID-19 –…

Based on the links above, I would like you to prepare a 2-page reflection (at least 4 paragraphs) on what you learned. The
first paragraph should include general background information, and how you perceive it as being applicable to environmental and sustainability topics. Then, I would like you to identify the central conflict presented within each of these themes. Your final
paragraph should include your reflection on what you learned, and the complexity of the issues presented – basically tell me what you think after reading and processing all this information.

You will be graded on your description of the conflicts identified in each theme, and NOT your personal opinions or reflection. There are no right and wrong answers in the personal reflection portion of this project.

Format specifications: Your report must be a minimum of 2 pages, typed in 12 pt Times New Roman font, single-spaced,

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