Companies have adopted modern marketing strategies in a bid to broaden their customer base. Many search engines have provided advertisers with a tool for tracking buyers behavior patterns and consequently, linking the potential customer searches to their social media sites notably Facebook. However, there are ad blockers which inhibit this mode of marketing by delinking the communication between search engines and social media sites.

  1. What constraints, if any, should be applied to this practice? Do not repeat ideas that have been posted by other students

Firstly, the ad-blockers should be instituted by the social site account owner and not a third party. According to Ledford (2015), some customers enjoy comparing prices and have no problem with the advertisements appearing on their social media accounts. Others are agitated but such ads and should be provided with a platform of blocking them. Therefore, to regulate this practice, buyers should be provided with a platform of accepting or not allowing ads on their social sites.

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