It is a 2 part project, I only want you to make the report part. The instructions are attached in the PDF. Please make it 3 pages. Don’t worry about the class discussion portion. I only want the report. Please do APA style. IF you need anything else please contact me. The instructions are clear in the attached files.1 attachmentsSlide 1 of 1

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EVR 1001L Final Project Assignment Name: The “New Normal” Due Date: Friday, December 3, 2021 Grading: 100 points, worth 15% of your grade for the course Purpose: This final project is an opportunity to showcase your ability to synthesize and contextualize what we have learned throughout the semester. You will explore two intersectional and/or interdisciplinary topics related to the environmental impacts of our “new normal.” Skills: • Critically evaluate pressing debates in environmental science and practice. • Identify the key points of differing perspectives. • Integrate course content into a discussion of a real world application. • Introspection and reflection on course learnings and applicability. • Discuss and substantiate your conclusions in a course setting. Knowledge: • Familiarity with the concept of intersectionality. • Deeper understanding of the environmental impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. • Awareness of the interconnectedness of human and environmental systems. Task: The COVID-19 Pandemic has altered our world in many ways. As we confront the “new normal” imposed by the ongoing pandemic, we have also had to confront the ongoing fight for racial equity and the effects of the climate crisis. For this final project, I would like you to explore the intersection of these compounding crises and reflect on the central conflicts posed by TWO of THREE of the themes outlined below. Below you will find the three themes that I would like you to explore along with links to get you started. Note: this is NOT an exhaustive list of sources. You may use other sources, but please cite them. Please choose TWO of the THREE themes below to explore in this final project. Alternatively, if you feel strongly about pursuing a different intersectional theme, you may propose one by submitting it to me, along with two articles that highlight the central conflict, no later than November1, 2020. I. II. Role of Individual versus Collective Action to Mitigate the Effects of the Climate Crisis a. Mary Annaise Heglar’s Article in Vox b. Justin Rowlatt for BBC News Essential Workers and the COVID- 19 pandemic a. Science News article III. b. Race and Gender and COVID-19 Reduction in Pollutants and Global Greenhouse Gasses during the COVID-19 pandemic quarantine a. The natural experiment b. COVID-19 Impacts c. Impacts to Households Based on the links above and your own individual research (please remember to cite your sources), I would like you to prepare a 2-page reflection (at least 4 paragraphs) on what you learned. The first paragraph should include general background information on Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw’s intersectionality theory, and how you perceive it as being applicable to environmental and sustainability topics. For each theme that you select, I would like you to identify the central conflict presented within each of these themes. The articles provided should serve to help you think through the arguments within each theme, but they are no means the only resources you should consult for this project. After you discuss the themes you have selected, your final paragraph should include your reflection on what you learned, and the complexity of the issues presented- basically tell me what you think after reading and processing all this information. You will submit this individual reflection on Canvas. You will be graded on your description of the conflicts identified in each theme, and NOT your personal opinions or reflection. There are no right and wrong answers in the personal reflection portion of this project. The objective of this project is to get you thinking about what major societal issues we need to confront in our “new normal” and its impacts on society, the economy, the climate system, and YOU. On our final day in class, you will discuss what you learned from this assignment in breakout groups to facilitate a larger group discussion. You will be graded on both (1) the submission of your reflection (75 points) and (2) your participation on the final day of class (25 points). Criteria for Success: This project is worth 100 points and is split into two portions: (1) 2 page reflection (75 points) and (2) participation in the class discussion on the final day of class (25 points). For the written reflection: You will be graded on your ability to clearly describe the argument in 2 out of the 3 themes listed in this document and your inclusion of the personal reflection: In order to receive full points for each theme (25 points each- 50 total), you must: • Clearly describe the problem in each theme. What are the main points that the articles are making? [10 points] • Why is this important to understand? [10 points] • Please proofread and spell check! [5 points] In order to receive full points on the personal reflection, both in the introduction and conclusion (25 points), please reflect on what these issues mean to you. Questions you can consider include: How do you feel about the information you read? Do you think one perspective is more correct than the other? What do you think need

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