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Assessment Worksheet Configuring a Virtual Private Network Server Course Name and Number: ________________________________________________________________ Fall 2020 – Telecomm Network Security (ISOL-532-B08) – Second Bi-Term Student Name: Ravi Praveen Rajput ________________________________________________________________ Instructor Name: Dr. Joanna Patterson ________________________________________________________________ Lab Due Date: 11/15/2020 ________________________________________________________________ Lab Assessment Questions 1. What is IPsec? IPsec infers to several protocols used together for setting up encrypted connections between gadgets. It majorly helps in keeping data sent over public data secure, or in other words, it acts as the architecture of security services for IP network traffic. 2. What is IPsec short for? IP Security protocol or Internet Protocol Security 3. Before IPsec can be used as a virtual private network (VPN) service, what must be created? One needs to create a certificate authority that utilized by the client to validate the server. A server certificate that encrypts data-in-transit is also created. Either way, both certificates must include common data. 4. What does the IKEv2 protocol require in order to obtain and use a certificate? For IKEv2 to obtain and use a certificate, it mainly needs public key infrastructure support. 5. When enabling IPsec mobile client support, you made some selections in the Xauth section of the interface. What does Xauth stand for? X Window authorization or Extended Authentication 6. What does the address represent in this lab? Ideally, if it were an actual configuration, it can be referred to as FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name). However, a virtual lab may not use a DNS server hence, the IP address may serve instead. 7. Which of the following is a type of authentication method? a. b. c. d. AES-256 IKEv2 EAP-MSCHAPv2 SHA-256 8. You created a Phase 2 definition for a VPN tunnel. In the Local Network dropdown list, you selected Network and type What did this accomplish? Suppose the default setting is Lan Subnet which is subnetwork of computers, then it will permit the client to use split tunnel. Split tunnel in essence enables users to ensure local traffic is kept on personal Network while routing any IPsec traffic via the VPN tunnel. …
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