1. DIRECTIONS: Select ONE of the following prompts and write a 2-4 page essay (double-spaced, size 12 font), not inclusive of your Works Cited page. Essays should be in MLA, APA, or Chicago format for citation. Each of the prompts makes use of the primary sources in a relevant chapter. You will be graded on the strength of your argument as well as the evidence you use to support your points. For each prompt, you will be expected to provide basic information from your textbook and other resources you find useful on the relevant topic. 
    1) Using the Chapter 19 documents “War Message to Congress” and “Speech to the Jury Before Sentencing under the Espionage Act,” discuss the American experience during World War I. Why did Wilson think the United States should get involved? How did the war impact everyday Americans, and why was there a crackdown on civil liberties? Do you see parallels to Wilson’s and Debs’ ideas in modern day politics?
    2) Using the Chapter 20 documents “Speech in Congress on Immigration” and “Majority Opinion in Meyer V. Nebraska,” discuss the changing experience for immigrants in the 1920s. How and why did immigration laws change in the 1920s? What was the difference between Americanization and cultural pluralism? Is the immigrant experience today similar to that of the 1920s?
    3) Using the Chapter 22 documents “World War II and Mexican Americans” and “The Negro Has Always Wanted the Four Freedoms,” discuss the minority experience during World War II. How did both groups use the war to further arguments for more civil rights? What were some differences between these two groups? Has the status of these groups improved significantly today?
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