Page paper on why I choose construction manatees Construction has been in my background since 1988, when my father purchased his first piece of property. My brother and I wanted our room designed a certain way so we begged our father to fulfill our wants. In my father words, he said if you and your brother want your room other then the way IM designing it, then you two have to help build it. And that started my life in construction.
As I furthered my education ND my experience grew In the construction field I also started to dabble in the business word. At the age of 17, I worked for my first construction company, Cap Stone Constructions. There, I was on the demolition crew Like most people that start off In the construction field. Not only did I demo, but I also learned how to frame, drywall, tape and mud. Not to long after my first Job, my father started his construction company and brought me on to work for him. There I worked various job in the residential sector as well as managed his crew in his absence.
From the outside looking in, it had seemed as though my father was making good money rehabbing buildings, renting them out and collecting money. As time went on, I started to notice that the residential sector was all that we dabbed in and even that sector was being run wrong. Yet, this was his construction company. Then I realized that his company was actually a company of family members, and him doing all the work. He was vary over worked in the construction field, and under educated In the In the business realm.
For those reasons my father continued to make the same mistakes, and In turn get the same results. Till eventually, he ran himself Into the ground wondering why he worked so hard with minimal success. I am an entrepreneur by heart, so that means that different types of businesses interest me. I’ve owned several businesses from furniture stores to catalog distribution companies. I even owned a contracting company where I had contracted independent contractors to drive for a transportation business I ran.
In my search for he perfect business to start, I realized that I always reverted back to the construction field and maybe that was where I needed to be focusing my entrepreneurial spirit. So I started kef contracting, and began to make the same mistakes as my dad. I focused on rehab and family members to help with my vision. I knew very little about the other sectors, the 16 divisions of construction, or even how to formulate a contract. All I knew was obtain some property, fix It up with small loans from small lenders, and rent It out.
But having an entrepreneurial split, I knew that there was more to owning a construction company, so I returned to school. Taking construction management has taught me a lot about what I didn’t know on how to run a successful to put construction and business together, two of my favorite subjects. By the end of this course, I should have the knowledge I need to go along with the experience I have in construction and in business, and put them together the right way to formulate a strong foundation for a successful construction business.

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