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Scale Self-Monitoring INSTRUCTIONS The statementsbelowconcernyour personalreactionsto a numberof situations.No two statementsare exactlyalike,so considereach statementcarefullybeforeanswering.lf a statementis true or mostlytrue as appliedto you, markT as your answer.lf a statementis falseor not usuallytrue as appliedto you, mark F as your answer. lt is importantthat you answer as franklyand as honestlyas you can. Recordyour responsesin the spaces providedon the left. THE SCALE I find it hardto imitatethe behaviorof otherpeople. _1. My behavioris usuallyan expressionof my true innerfeelings,attitudes,and beliefs. _2. 3. At partiesand socialgatherings,I do not attemptto do or say thingsthat

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