It has to be on the contribution

of Muslims to sciences, medicine, art, and philosophy. Your Essay should not exceed 10

pages. You can choose a topic and survey the literature available on the topic. You may

also choose a figure and present a profile. You must support your essay with at least five

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ARBC 2031- GG Syllabus Arts Sciences and Technology thru History 3 Credits- no pre-requisites (Subject to Change) Instructor: Dr. Heba Abdelfattah Office: @ CANVAS Office Hrs: @CANVAS Chat Class Time: Online @ CANVAS Class Location: @ CANVAS Contact via E-mail: Description and Objectives: The course invites students to explore the major historical developments and intellectual trends that shaped the development of art, philosophy, and science in Islamic civilization pre-1500 C.E. It requires no prior knowledge of Islam or Middle East’s history. Beginning with the geographical and cultural contexts of the rise of Islam, the course explores the growth of the political, social, and religious institutions that shaped Islamic civilization. The readings consist of a selection of translated primary and

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