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PAGE 1 / 6 Guideline & Grading Rubrics for Flipped Learning (5%) Written by Dr. PARK : Applying Strategy to our real life It is not the micro-teaching to cover whole chapter’s slides (It means you don’t need to teach with our chapter ppt slides. I will cover the chapter by lecture). It is mainly for your application with real companies’ cases (using news articles and photos materials). 1) One chapter among Ch. 5, 6, 7 will be assigned to each group for flipped learning at the beginning of the semester. Group Chapter Main Topics Group1, Group2 Chapter 6 Related Diversification vs. Unrelated Diversification (We will cover ch6 first, not ch5) Group3, Group4 Chapter 5 Differentiation, Overall Cost leadership (Low-cost strategy) Focus strategy Group5, Group6 Chapter 7 International strategies (Globalization vs. Localization) 2) Then, all group members must work together to discuss & prepare in one unified ppt file. However, each member must prepare her own materials. Please

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