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Request: Read the briefing paper: “Trending Towards Traditionalism? Changes in Youths’ Gender Ideology”by David Cotter and Joanna Pepin, for the Council on Contemporary Family:

Reflect upon the findings from the paper and then answer the following questions:

1. Cotter and Pepin found that high school seniors’ attitudes toward gender roles at home have become more traditional. What social and historical factors do Cotter and Pepin believe may have caused this trend? Do you agree with their explanation? Why or why not?

2. What are other social and historical factors that may have caused this trend? Make sure to explain how these factors contributed to the trend.

3.What other questions does this study raise for you? What other information about youths’ attitudes toward gender would you like to know?

4.Develop one research question that could serve as the basis for further study of youths’attitudes toward gender. While developingyour question, make sure to also address:

a.What is the unit of analysis for your question?

b.Is your question socially important, scientifically relevant, and feasible? How so?

c.Is your research question an example of descriptive research, exploratory research, or explanatory research? Explain

Format: APA, Times New Roman, 12 , Double Spaced, 3 Pages

Classroom textbook (in case it is needed): The Art and Science of Social Research, Second Edition, New York, Norton.

Keep in mind:

* The paper should contain no Grammar errors. It should score at least 90 points out of 100 on Grammarly.

* Focus on using more active voice than passive voice as Grammarly will identify that as being incorrect

* No plagiarism is accepted. The plagiarism report should point out only the reference page and not the content.

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