lease see below instructions for paper.  Also I have attached case study data as well.  

Final Project –  Case Study

Your assignment is to read the Case Study document in the Course Content. This document describes a homicide case that includes crime scene sketches, a list of evidence at the scene and the results of specific analysis, photographs of the scene, preliminary and follow-up investigative reports, a list of investigative contacts and suspects, and some constitutional challenges to the case in the form of a motions hearing.

You will write a report that addresses the issues and problems listed. References must include course instructional material and at least three external scholarly sources that support the points you make in the report. Your paper must include the following:

discussion of the crime scene investigation and analysis of the evidence at the scene

discussion of investigative steps and strategies involved in this homicide investigation

discussion of both interviews of witnesses and interrogation of suspects

explanations to counter defense efforts to suppress evidence (constitutional challenges)

an analysis of what you learned in class and how it was applied in this case, including any glaring differences between the text and the application process

discuss the application of modern scientific techniques and technology to investigative processes

The list above is to be used only as guidance in collecting information for the final product; items above may be listed and/or used as topical items in the final paper.

Constitutional Challenges

As is normal in a murder trial, the defense filed motions to suppress any and all statements made by the defendant as well as the physical and forensic evidence found at the scene, including the knife.

Formatting Requirements

Your report should include the following:

· an introductory section that explains the purpose of the paper 

· your reflections on the agency and its administration 

· the body of the paper, addressing the previously mentioned factors

· Paper should be a minimum of 2,500 to 3,000 words (ten to twelve pages)

· Double space 

· 12 pt. font

· 1” margins

· Use APA citations for all sources

· Include reference page using APA format guidelines (not included in word count)

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