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A common illustration of the issues of work-life integration is the dilemma of those now described as the “sandwich generation”.


1.)  Each student must write a post by the due date listed in the course calendar.  The post  must contain between 300 and 500 words that clearly defines what the term “sandwich generation” means; and,

Find and interview one person who believes he or she is part of that generation;
Ask the interviewee what benefit he or she receives or would like to receive from the employer to alleviate the stress of the situation. Explain fully.
Determine whether the FMLA would serve the same purpose as the benefit the interviewee would like to receive at work.
Identify at least one other option that employers currently provide that would benefit the interviewee given the situation in which he or she is involved.

2.)  Each student must reply to at least two classmate’s original posts by the due date listed in the course calendar. Your responses must identify one additional benefit you believe might also help create better work-life integration for the person interviewed.