Covenant Counseling & Family Resource Middle Eastern Hygiene Research Paper


In this class, we learn about communication and health promotion in diverse societies (Chapter 6). One concern is the low level of health literacy that exists among populations; therefore, it is important for us to be able to communicate health messages effectively with various cultural groups in order to help improve health. This infographic project is meant to help you apply the concept of health communication.SkillsAfter completing the assignment, you will develop the following transferable skills that future employers and graduate programs are looking for in potential applicants regardless of major: Critical thinking skillsApply knowledge to real-world settingsAbility to communicate through writingCreative thinkingAbility to communicate through speaking/presentation skillsKnowledgeThis assignment will help you explain various factors within a cultural group that impacts their health and explain approaches that public health/health care professionals can use to promote health. YourTaskThe local health department (LHD) needs your expertise again. The LHD liked the work you did on developing a culturally competent health promotion intervention for your specific cultural group. Now they want you to design an infographic based on the health issue that you wrote about in your project proposal. An infographic is a visual representation of data that is eye catching, easy to read and helps tell a story. The LHD also wants you to create a video presentation explaining your infographic, so they can show it to partners and potential funders.Criteria for Success InfographicThe infographic must meet the following criteria:A visual that is culturally appropriate for your specific cultural groupText that is at a 6th-grade reading level or belowA call to action (i.e. individuals from the cultural group should be encouraged to do something)One (1) page (front only)Electronic Cigarettes: cigarettes/pdfs/Electronic-Cigarettes-Infographic-508.pdf?s_cid=bb-osh-effects-graphic-007Healthier Eating: American Men and Lung Cancer: part of the submission, including the following: European & Mediterranean Americans(i.e., Amish, Roma, OR Arab/Middle Eastern Americans)

The actual one-page infographicA word document with the text from the infographic minus the citations 

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