I have labs 1-6 please follow all directions below

I will check for plagiarism own words

use the labs 1-6 to answer questions on seperate word document6 attachmentsSlide 1 of 6

Lab Practical I Listed below are 5 Laboratory Problems, each worth 20 points. They have been taken from your lab manual and designed from the first 6 labs that you have completed in this online format. From the material you have learned, answer the questions fully and in the format you are asked to do! This is a major lab grade and along with Lab Practical II at the end of the semester, will be averaged together and be used as a test grade. Normally, if we were in class, you would have answered 50 questions at 25 stations from everything you have experienced in lab. But because of the circumstances, especially since you are not really getting to experience and “do” the labs, you will

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