Need an outline and proposed references for a  final paper using the attached proposal. only concentrating on one country Colombia. 

The outline will be a set of headings or sections that identify the important points in the paper.

You can develop these points at two levels, similar to headings and subheadings.

The outline should be written concisely, with each point just long enough for clarity and no longer.

You need to provide five additional proposed references that you can use to support your analysis in your final project. At least three of the five resources should be scholarly.

Your outline should show the hierarchical relationship or logical ordering of information.

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Running head: PRODUCT PROPOSAL 1 Product Proposal Hector Bonilla Excelsior College 24 January 2021 PRODUCT PROPOSAL 2 Product Proposal For my product selection I have chosen to venture into the craft beer market. Traveling thru out many countries I have found that it is very hard to get a good and different beer other than the usual local one. I believe this is a market that although kind of saturated here I the US, it will be new, different and very profitable in a foreign country. Some of the main products will have a normal taste, but the focus will be on local flavors familiar to that country or region. The focus market for this will be Latin and South American countries, with a concentration in Colombia. Colombia is one of the countries with the least craft breweries. Colombia only has 45 craft breweries around the country,

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