Project Brief Template User Experience Design – NM222 Completion Directions: Using the bolded words and example questions as your guide, provide 1 specific question that you would ask as a designer and then provide the answer to your question that you would give as the client or employer. You may NOT just answer the example questions. You MUST create your own questions for this activity. Company Contact – Who are the Stakeholders/Client(s) and how to contact them? Description of the project – What will the project provide to users? Project Outcomes – What difference or impact do you hope the project will make? Objectives – What is the purpose of the project? This must be measurable. Deliverables – What will you produce for feedback during the project? Scope – What is and isn’t included in the project (users, geographical boundaries, depth and type of work)? Approach – How you will go about doing the work? Requirements – Are there any requirements that must be used such as a logo? Exclusions – What is not included such as: This project does not include any actual website pages? Constraints – Is there anything that may not be able to be included in the project? Timeline – How much time do you have to complete this project and how much time is allotted to things like research for it? Budget – How much will this project cost your client or employer? ABC Animation School Rachel Johnson 10/9/2020 Introduction Vocabularies and alphabets have various degrees of profundity or straightforwardness; this alludes to the degree to which the written alphabet follows a balanced letter-phoneme correspondence. The orthographical depth impacts the children’s’ capacity to learn, just like their inspiration. The animation is a way to deal with promoting the way to learn an alphabet. This includes graphically indicating to students how a mix of specific letters or diacritics delivers a sound mix. This is especially helpful when the blend is diverse to what is expected, given the students’ information on what those letters or diacritics sound like exclusively. Project Overview The project utilizes the technological advantages of visualization, specifical animation in the learning, and teaching the alphabet. The success that has risen from visual aids in education has dramatically inspired this project in that students are more receptive to learning when videos or animations are involved. ABC animation school will be a vital installment in elementary acquaintance with vocabulary learning and the alphabet (Riyana, 2015). Through listening and being engaged in the ABC animation, students will know how words or letters should be pronounced with a strong visualization of how they are written. The project aims at reducing the timeframe of learning fundamental vocabulary skills in elementary level children. Project Approach Our ABC animation school’s principal methodology will incorporate a learning media center in at least two schools as a starter to determine the innovation’s success. Mostly we will include monitors and alphabet animations during different times of the teaching schedule to ease the students into the change in the teaching process. Teachers will alternate between the animations and their regular teaching routine to determine which methods are more successful. There will also be tablets programmed with various alphabet applications for students to select from during group work or individual learning. Project Timeline The longer it takes to create the applications and the programs, the higher the cost. Given this information, we will try as much as we can to reduce the time taken to create the application and visual animations. The current projection of the time needed to complete the project is between three to four weeks. After the application’s development, it will take approximately one month (4 weeks) to determine the project’s efficacy, choosing the project’s expansion to multiple schools across the state and finally countrywide. Estimated Cost The project includes the purchase of the media centers used for the visual presentation, labor for creating the applications, and the animation, and tablets range around $2000-$5000. This budget will be inclusive of all the required input for the project. Assumptions • The project will require the full cooperation of teachers • The technology will be easy enough for training of its use to be fast and efficient. • Offline use of the application will be available • Updates will be done periodically to make the animation and the application more alluring. Conclusion The advancement of technology provides additional advantages in the educational sector. By exploiting these resources, we will stay ahead of the changing curve while invoking interest in the students themselves. Visualizations have proven to be a useful teaching tool due to children’s high-interest rates when near cartoons or animation. The project aims to capitalize on this factor. Reference Riyana, C. (2015). The development of three-dimensional animation film for character education media in elementary school. Edutech, 14(2), 218-240.

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