For this order, please review the word. doc. that I have uploaded per my instructor’s directions. Read the instructions very carefully, analyze it, think about it. This order is a development of a technology project that we will be creating. Your goal is to basically construct a writing unit that culminates in a digital book that you will write, illustrate and publish. On top of that, you must develop a rubric and a self-assessment checklist which correlates with your unit plan (two separate tasks). I will be uploading a sample that a former student created, which will be expected of you for this order. You cannot plagiarize the sample, but you may USE THAT SAME TEMPLATE (I will be uploading the template that you will be using, PLEASE USE IT). The writing unit should have a minimum of 5 DAYS INSTRUCTION. Considering that you are working with the upper grade students, it is easier for them to grasp the context oppose to working with the younger grade. You will be focusing on grade 9th for this specific project (high school). Please do your best and remember to scaffold. Therefore, using the template that I provided, you will creating 5 of those, then you move on to creating a rubric which correlates to your unit plan, then you will create a self-assessment checklist. *Note: Considering that this website does not provide the option of “charts” or “powerpoint,” you must use charts for this assignment. For the unit plan as shown in the sample, you will put it in a chart. The rubric in a chart and the self-assessment checklist will also be in a chart. This provides a structured and clean layout for the assignment. Another thing, for the unit plan, for the learning objective, remember to always begin with “Student will be able to… (SWBAT)…” Be very descriptive in this assignment and write as if you are talking to the students, modeling the unit plan as per the sample. In other words, you will write in first person. READ INSTRUCTIONS, REVIEW THE SAMPLE THAT I PROVIDED, USE THE TEMPLATE THAT I PROVIDED AND GO FROM THERE. Choose a category that you feel will be EASY and FUN to conduct a digital book on, for example, personal narrative writing, personal descriptive writing, and etc. Your unit plan must correlate with the grade level that you are focusing on. Also, the unit plan, rubric AND self-assessment checklist MUST be written in a student-friendly language. ALSO, FOR THE RUBRIC, please make sure to include all that is stated via the instruction word doc. You will be evaluating your student in all of those areas as it is obvious that you have to meet those standards to fulfill a successful digital book. There may be more areas that you may consider, feel free to also add it. Again, do not PLAGIARIZE. Do your best. Check for both spellings/grammatical errors. Make it interactive and straightforward.

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