Interview with Adam Bryant of the New York Times

Q  Describe your outlook for your Organization over the coming five years.

A. The outlook for my organization is optimistic. With the 2008/2009 financial crisis now gone we expect to experience a signifant increase in revenues over the next 5 years.   Our projection is that revenues are going to increase by 10% annually. We intend to explore new markets in order to be able to achieve this tremendous goal. This will be very much achievable if the current economic conditions don’t adversely change. Demand from our traditional customers has also been on the rise in the recent times. As such, we expect nothing but the best as far as our revenue growth is concerned.

Q What is the best professional advice you’ve ever received

A. I have received many pieces of advice which have really impacted on my professional life. I am going to mention the top three which I use frequently. Whereas I was joining the corporate world, my first manager told me that when I am trying to make a decision, I should go with 40% to 60% information. You shouldn’t wait for 100% certainty because if you wait too long, you will find someone else has seized the opportunity. This has really been of great help to me as it enables me implement new projects despite the uncertainties involved. The second advice I have ever received from my previous manager is to always have a strategy in place. This also involves everybody in your company knows about it and is aligned to it, and then putting in necessary priorities and systems to enable execution. It is important to be mindful

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