Your reflection is an opportunity for you to unpack creativity. We have spent the past couple modules discussing and working through ways in which creativity is modeled in the natural and digital worlds, how it is contextualized to eras and to fields, and how it can emerge in group and individual settings. If you were to cultivate your own creativity or creativity in others, what processes would you use, and why? Do you tend to treat creativity as a breakthrough idea or a sustainable practice? Would you prefer to use creativity for scientific endeavors or artistic ones? How can creativity be area of integration for both art and science?

Again, this reflection should really involve you digging, even if succinctly. It should show evidence incorporating the readings, videos, activities and discussions over the past classes, as well as your own experiences as a part of the process. Remember, this is a course about integration, and that’s what this assignment is asking of you.1 attachmentsSlide 1 of 1

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Reflection #2 Rubric Criteria Ratings Pts Integration 5 pts Highly Integrated Ideas reflect a deep understanding of multiple theoretical perspectives. The learner critically integrates ideas into a personal philosophy of 3 pts Emerging Some attempts to reflect critically, but ideas are often incomplete or not well-grounded in personal experience or established theory. 4 pts Aware Conscious effort to reflect critically in a disciplined way. Most ideas are grounded in theory or prior experience. Nuanced understandings are emerging, although not fully articulated. Only superficial attempts are made to integrate ideas with personal philosophy of practice. 1 pts Unexamined No evidence of reflection in this area

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