Creativity is increased with the study of different languages thats why universities should require 2 years of a foreign language. focus on the aspects of how 2 year requirement of a foreign language could help in the sense of music art fashion in life.


it is a debate. my position is that students should take 2 years of a foreign language in university because it’s beneficial for them in life. My part of writing has to do with the positive relations that learning a foreign language has with opening our eyes to creativity in music art and fashion. creativity in general. how it helps deepens our connection to other cultures. I need to use 2 quotes from the source below. sorry I can’t link it but it should be the New York Times article when you copy and paste it into search bar on the web. this is the article: Doyle, Taylor 2016. Americans today can’t afford not to know another language. The New York Times. December 28, 2016.