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Imagine that you are a free-lance journalist who has been asked to prepare and publish an article in a local newspaper regarding your personal view of creativity based upon your studies, research, and methods. The publisher would like for you to provide some advice to novice journalists as to how they may best tap into their own creativity.

Write a 1,750- to 2,100-word paper in which you explain your personal view of and approach to creativity.

Include discussion of the following in your article:

  • Your definition of creativity stemming from your research on methods of increasing and measuring creativity.
  • An evaluation of case studies examining creativity that reinforces your own definition of creativity. How can creativity be studied based on what you have learned from research and case studies from the Weinberg text?
  • An evaluation of characteristics of creative people. What are distinguishing personality and psychological traits of people who are creative?
  • How you understand the relationship between critical thinking and creativity? How does cultivating creativity develop critical thinking skills?
  • An evaluation of methods of increasing creativity. Which methods of increasing creativity do you have personal experience with, or which do you plan on applying? Explain why?

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