CRIM Research Assignment 5

InstructionsPlease read and follow the attaqched instructions and recourse attached to the order 


After completing this module, including the learning activities, you are asked to submit your five best field notebook entries.


  1. From the field notebook learning activities, select your five best entries.
  2. Assemble these in a single Word document for submission to your Open Learning Faculty Member.
  3. Make sure your entries are titled by learning activity so that they are easily identifiable by the Open Learning Faculty Member.

Grading Rubric

For this assignment, you will be graded using the following criteria.

The field notebooks contain five entries that are comprehensive and clearly related to the subject matter pertaining to each of the associated activities25
Demonstrates sound comprehension of course topics as they pertain to each of the associated activities.30
Responses are well-developed, thoughtful, and insightful, demonstrating critical thinking and the willingness to reflect on the issues that pertain to each of the associated activities30
Composition (spelling, flow, grammar, APA referencing)15

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