How a Criminal Recacord Affects Ones Future A criminal record at any age could severely affect one’s life and future. For example one can lose their job and any opportunities that may present themselves. A criminal offense depending on how serious the charge is they may lose their right to vote for good. If the offender is a minor any opportunities for future education and scholarships are virtually out the window. I understand that what I did could determine the quality of the rest of my life. It could affect my family that I could possibly start in the future; it could destroy my reputation and the trust of my parents.
Teenagers can easily fall in with the wrong crowd which is usually why they will start behaving irrationally. The peer pressure and influence of ones self-esteem issues can get one involved with things that one would not usually consider doing ever. As a senior in high school one may think that he or she can party, drink under the age of 21, and other substances because it is their last year before college and they can smell the freedom. What they are not aware of, like me, that no matter what time in their academic career he or she can get into serious trouble.
Getting caught as a minor while applying for college, scholarships, grants, athletic commitments, or military service. Can jeopardize the bright future that they have just a few short months away. At any time a college, job, or scholarship can be revoked. I was stupid and sophomoric to think that I was immune to any of the consequences involved with illegal activities at my age. Also everything I had going for me was put in danger. If there was anything I could say to advise one of my peers that believed he or she could party and drink alcohol under the age would be that it’s not worth it.

And that he or she should would be remise if they did not just wait till they were 21. Even if they made it to college, heading down this path becomes increasingly risky because they are now a legal adult and subject to more serious punishment. A criminal record should best be avoided at any cost, even if it means that you sacrifice all the supposedly “good times” that other possible offenders believe that they are having. It just not worth the risk. Your whole life is ahead of you; why not wait until you are of legal age.

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